Nokuthaba Sibanda

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BACKGROUND Maternal and fetal complications in pregnancies after renal transplantation have been highlighted in several reports, but information on their main predisposing factors is limited. The U.K. Transplant Pregnancy Registry was established in 1997 to obtain detailed information on pregnancies in female organ transplant recipients across the U.K. (More)
Mandatory continuous monitoring of early transplant outcome with centralized oversight was introduced in 2004 for all 23 UK adult kidney transplant units. Risk-adjusted cumulative sum charts are used to assess 30-day graft and patient survival against past performance for each center, and change in transplant center performance is assessed by tabular(More)
BACKGROUND The lack of robust systems for monitoring quality in healthcare has been highlighted. Statistical process control (SPC) methods, utilizing the increasingly available routinely collected electronic patient records, could be used in creating surveillance systems that could lead to rapid detection of periods of deteriorating standards. We aimed to(More)
Funding: Jan van der Meulen was supported by a National Public Health Career Scientist Award, Department of Health – NHS R&D, UK. The NJR is funded through a levy raised on the sale of hip and knee replacement implants. The cost of the levy is set by the NJR Steering Committee, an advisory nondepartmental public body that oversees the NJR’s work programme(More)
PURPOSE Continuous monitoring tools can be used to monitor surgical outcomes over time. We illustrate the use of CUmulative SUM (CUSUM) charts in monitoring outcomes of Kasai portoenterostomy for treatment of biliary atresia at a supraregional unit. METHODS Data on 57 consecutive infants who underwent a Kasai portoenterostomy performed by a single surgeon(More)
BACKGROUND Hip and knee replacement are some of the most frequently performed surgical procedures in the world. Resurfacing of the hip and unicondylar knee replacement are increasingly being used. There is relatively little evidence on their performance. To study performance of joint replacement in England, we investigated revision rates in the first 3 y(More)
OBJECTIVE Our objective was to evaluate a prospective monitoring and quality improvement system for studying trends in the rates of an adverse neonatal outcome, the low Apgar scores (Apgar score <7). STUDY DESIGN A cumulative sum (CUSUM) chart-based system was used to monitor the rate of low Apgar scores over 2 years. Root cause analysis (RCA) was used to(More)
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