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Schemes of increasing sophistication for obtaining free energies of binding have been developed over the years, where configurational sampling is used to include the all-important entropic contributions to the free energies. However, the quality of the results will also depend on the accuracy with which the intermolecular interactions are computed at each(More)
Biomolecular simulations with atomistic detail are often required to describe interactions with chemical accuracy for applications such as the calculation of free energies of binding or chemical reactions in enzymes. Force fields are typically used for this task but these rely on extensive parameterisation which in cases can lead to limited accuracy and(More)
We describe the QSAR Workbench, a system for the building and analysis of QSAR models. The system is built around the Pipeline Pilot workflow tool and provides access to a variety of model building algorithms for both continuous and categorical data. Traditionally models are built on a one by one basis and fully exploring the model space of algorithms and(More)
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