Noha Ramadan

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Social Networks (SN) Sites are becoming very popular and the number of users is increasing rapidly. However, with that increase there is also an increase in the security threats which affect the users’ privacy, identity and confidentiality. Different research groups highlighted the security threats in SN and attempted to offer some solutions to these(More)
The security and reliability of image transmission over wireless noisy channels are a big challenge. Ciphering techniques achieve security, but don't consider the effect of errors occurring during wireless transmission. Error correction coding techniques must be used with ciphering to improve reliability and throughput. We propose a combined ciphering and(More)
Decision-making in enterprises holds different possibilities for profits and risks. Due to the complexity of decision making processes, modeling and simulation tools are being used to facilitate them and minimize the risk of making wrong decisions in the various business process phases. In this paper, we highlight the role of modeling and simulation in(More)
This paper presents a new implementation of a hybrid ciphering system of images in Fourier domain based on two chaotic maps. The first map is the Bakermap,which is used to scramble the image pixels in three modes of operation (CBC, CFB and OFB). The second map is the logistic map,whose secret key depends on the plain text. In the key generation step of the(More)
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