Noha N Attia

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CONTEXT Human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (hBM-MSCs) show a great promise for the treatment of a variety of diseases. Despite the previous trials to encapsulate hBM-MSCs in alginate-poly-l-lysine-alginate (APA) systems, the various changes that follow immobilisation have not been ascertained yet. OBJECTIVE Determine the various consequences derived(More)
This paper describes a simple spectrofluorometric method for the analysis of 4 macrolide antibiotics. The method is based on the condensation of 10% (w/v) malonic acid and acetic acid anhydride under the catalytic effect of tertiary amine groups of the studied macrolides. The relative fluorescence intensity of the condensation product was measured at(More)
Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSCs) represent a modern approach for management of chronic skin injuries. In this work, we describe BM-MSCs application versus their conditioned media (CM) when delivered topically admixed with fibrin glue to enhance the healing of chronic excisional wounds in rats. Fifty-two adult male rats were classified(More)
The present study aimed to evaluate the incorporation of the natural lipid lycopene into niosome formulations based on cationic lipid DOTMA and polysorbate 60 non-ionic surfactant to analyze the potential application of this novel formulation to deliver genetic material into the rat retina. Both niosomes with and without lycopene were prepared by the(More)
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