Noha H. Mahmoud

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With the continuous increase of circuit density, interconnect length, and aspect ratio, the influence of capacitive and inductive coupling on timing characteristics of integrated circuits has become very critical. In this paper, the effects of capacitive and inductive coupling on delay uncertainty and clock skew have been analyzed. Analytical observations(More)
It is shown in this paper that contrary to the common conception, widening an on-chip interconnect wire will not cause the wire to behave as a lossless line. It is shown that the energy losses actually increase when widening a wire. The damping factor of the line, which determines the maximum bit rate that can be transmitted on a wire, also does not go to(More)
In this paper the impact of width variation is being addressed on transition time, power dissipation and crosstalk noise in coupled inductive lines for different switching patterns. The finding of simulation reveals that there is first decrease in transition delay and then it increases afterwards. It is also observed that power increases slowly with width(More)
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