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This paper focuses on three axes. The first axis gives a survey of the importance of corpora in language studies e.g. lexicography, grammar, semantics, Natural Language Processing and other areas. The second axis demonstrates how the Arabic language lacks textual resources, such as corpora and tools for corpus analysis and the effected of this lack on the(More)
This paper presents an algorithm for request distribution in clustered EJB systems. A classification for EJB requests is first introduced, on which request distribution is based. The objective is to achieve load balancing and to enhance the caching performance in the EJB containers. The algorithm is based on periodically collecting traffic statistics from(More)
1 Abstract Users of computer systems need continuous access to information and services, but, as they move around in a richly equipped, networked environment, the available hardware resources change; software systems must adapt to these changes, ooering location-aware personalisation and control. The SPIRIT project (SPatially Indexed Resource Identiication(More)
This paper evaluates a machine translation (MT) system based on the interlingua approach, the Universal Network Language (UNL) system, designed for Multilanguage translation. The study addresses evaluation of English-Arabic translation and aims at comparing the MT systems based on UNL against other systems. Also, it serves to analyze the development of the(More)
The paper presents a simple and eecient protocol that supports exchange of messages among a set of nodes while preserving the causal ordering of message exchange. It is designed for a large scale replicated system where a message is sent to every replica in the network. The desirable characteristics of the protocol are that it imposes little space overhead(More)
This paper presents a new asynchronous replication protocol that is especially suitable for wide area and mobile systems , and allows reads and writes to occur at any replica. Updates reach other replicas using a propagation scheme based on nodes organized into a logical hierarchy. The hierarchical structure enables the scheme to scale well for thousands of(More)
It could be true that any attempt to build a system to process the content of a given text written in a given language will be faced by tackling language analysis tasks. To reach the semantic representation of any sentence, the system should be enriched with a technique for lexical and syntactic disambiguation. Having finished with semantic representation,(More)