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Ginkgo modulates noise-induced hippocampal damage in male albino rats: a light and electron microscopic study
Background Noise has been a major problem to mankind and induces many auditory and extra-auditory hazards. Aim of the work This study was carried out to determine the injurious effects of noise onExpand
Anti-rheumatoid Activity of Secondary Metabolites Produced by Endophytic Chaetomium globosum
The present study revealed that the methanol extract of endophytic fungus C. globosum recovered from maidenhair fern has an inhibitory effect on inflammation, histopathology and morphological features of rheumatoid arthritis in an AIA rat model. Expand
The effects of concomitant Ginkgo intake on noise induced Hippocampus injury. Possible auditory clinical correlate
Noise had detrimental effects on cells of Cornu Ammonis area1 (CA1), CA3 & DG of the hippocampus, and the clinical auditory hazardous effects in people exposed to harmful noise such as tinnitus, as well as memory disturbances and learning disabilities might have a new dimension. Expand
A histological study on the effect of pentoxifylline on acute lung injury induced by renal ischemia–reperfusion
Renal IRI caused alteration in the lung structure, which was ameliorated by PTX administration, and PTX caused marked improvement in the Lung structure after ischemia–reperfusion. Expand
The possible protective role of selenium supplementation on the structure of the heart in an experimental model of chronic renal failure: a light and electron microscopic study
CKD led to definite focal degeneration in the cardiac muscle fibers and selenium supplements with the dose given improved BW, creatinine level, and cardiac fibrosis but could not offer complete protection against cardiovascular complication. Expand
Histological changes in sarcopenia and the possible protective role of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in male albino rats
ACEIs could improve the structure of skeletal muscle in aged sarcopenic rats to some extent and may have a protective role in age-related changes in skeletal muscle. Expand
The possible therapeutic effect of ‘Chaetomium globosum’ fungal extract on experimentally induced rheumatoid arthritis
It is demonstrated for the first time that C. globosum significantly reduced all the clinical and histopathological changes of arthritis similar to MTX. Expand
The Effect of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Versus Methotrexate on the Knee Joint in A Rat Model of Rheumatoid Arthritis. A Histological Study
Injection of BM-MSCs resulted in improvement of the structure of the synovial membrane and the articular cartilage of the knee joint whereas, injection of MTX was relatively less effective. Expand
The effect of detorsion versus orchiectomy following experimental unilateral testicular torsion on the contralateral testis and epididymis: a light and transmission electron microscopic study
It was concluded that orchiectomy following testicular torsion better preserved the structure of the contralateral testis and epididymis as compared with detorsion. Expand