Noh-Gyoung Kang

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The millimeter wave band will be a key component in the next generation wireless communication system (5G), and a proper channel model is needed for developing the future 5G cellular technologies. This paper introduces a 28 GHz channel sounder based on automatically rotating horn antennas with time synchronization ability between the transmitter (TX) and(More)
This paper reports frequency-dependent ultrawideband (UWB) channel characteristics. Measurements were performed in 103 receiver locations of six different office environments. From the measured data, the effect of frequency on the pathloss properties of a UWB signal is analyzed. After analyzing the pathloss behavior to propagation environments, the pathloss(More)
This paper reports the empirical Ultra Wide Band (UWB) channel model for short range outdoor environments. The measurements were performed based on the frequency sweep method in frequency domain at two different parking lot environments. From the measured channel transfer functions, parameters of log-distance path loss law and the effect of frequency to the(More)
This paper reports the variation of indoor radio channel caused by metal door. The simulation results using the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method and measurement results using the vector network analyzer in frequency domain are used for the characterization of received signal strength variation by metal door. Target frequency bands are three(More)
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