Noeris K. Salam

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We describe a novel method to develop energetically optimized, structure-based pharmacophores for use in rapid in silico screening. The method combines pharmacophore perception and database screening with protein-ligand energetic terms computed by the Glide XP scoring function to rank the importance of pharmacophore features. We derive energy-optimized(More)
We have developed a method that uses energetic analysis of structure-based fragment docking to elucidate key features for molecular recognition. This hybrid ligand- and structure-based methodology uses an atomic breakdown of the energy terms from the Glide XP scoring function to locate key pharmacophoric features from the docked fragments. First, we show(More)
Human chemokine receptor CXCR3 (hCXCR3) antagonists have potential therapeutic applications as antivirus, antitumor, and anti-inflammatory agents. A novel virtual screening protocol, which combines pharmacophore-based and structure-based approaches, was proposed. A three-dimensional QSAR pharmacophore model and a structure-based docking model were built to(More)
Cyclam was attached to 1-, 2- and 3-pyrrole lexitropsins for the first time through a synthetically facile copper-catalyzed "click" reaction. The corresponding copper and zinc complexes were synthesized and characterized. The ligand and its complexes bound AT-rich DNA selectively over GC-rich DNA, and the thermodynamic profile of the binding was evaluated(More)
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