Noemi Wolanski

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1219 offspring 2-48 years old were examined in 578 Japanese and in 672 Korean families. To obtain age-independent values, we used 100-point T-scores. A multiple regression analysis, shows that the (tall) stature of Japanese offspring dependent on the genetic factor (tall stature of parents) in about 13%, on (large) family and apartment size in 0.4-1.5%, for(More)
Abstract. We study a nonlocal diffusion operator in a bounded smooth domain prescribing the flux through the boundary. This problem may be seen as a generalization of the usual Neumann problem for the heat equation. First, we prove existence, uniqueness and a comparison principle. Next, we study the behavior of solutions for some prescribed boundary data(More)
The paper is focused on the seasonal pattern of birth and occurrence of menarche in different populations. The material collected in 1988/89 consists of 522 girls and their 249 mothers from schools of Merida, and of 135 girls and their 66 mothers from Progreso (Yucatan, Mexico). Occurrence of a biorhythm due to which girls matured in the month of their(More)
We present a model for nonlocal diffusion with Neumann boundary conditions in a bounded smooth domain prescribing the flux through the boundary. We study the limit of this family of nonlocal diffusion operators when a rescaling parameter related to the kernel of the nonlocal operator goes to zero. We prove that the solutions of this family of problems(More)
We study a singular perturbation problem for a nonlocal evolution operator. The problem appears in the analysis of the propagation of flames in the high activation energy limit, when admitting nonlocal effects. We obtain uniform estimates and we show that, under suitable assumptions, limits are solutions to a free boundary problem in a viscosity sense and(More)
In this paper we study the regularity properties of a free boundary problem arising in the optimization of the best Sobolev trace constant in the immersion H(Ω) ↪→ L(∂Ω) for functions that vanish in a subset of Ω. This problem is also related to a minimization problem for Steklov eigenvalues.