Noemi Vidal

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Deposition of amyloid-beta, the fibrillogenic product of the cell surface protein AbetaPP (amyloid-beta protein precursor), occurs in the cerebral cortex of patients with Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB). Amyloid deposition, basically in the form of senile plaques, occurs not only in the common form (DLBc), which is defined by changes consistent with diffuse(More)
Expression of IGFBP2 (Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein 2) has been positively correlated with glioma progression. Although the proteolysis of IGFBP2 has been widely recognized, with consequences as a major modulator of IGFII signaling, the relevance of this post-translational modification has not been well studied in tumors. Using an in vivo(More)
BACKGROUND Glioblastoma (GBM) or grade IV astrocytoma is one of the most devastating human cancers. The loss of DFF40/CAD, the key endonuclease that triggers oligonucleosomal DNA fragmentation during apoptosis, has been linked to genomic instability and cell survival after radiation. Despite the near inevitability of GBM tumor recurrence after treatment,(More)
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