Noemi Tocci

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An increasing body of literature is addressing the immuno-modulating functions of miRNAs which include paracrine signaling via exosome-mediated intercellular miRNA. In view of the recent evidence of intake and bioavailability of dietary miRNAs in humans and animals we explored the immuno-modulating capacity of plant derived miRNAs. Here we show that(More)
The immune system is essential to maintain the mutualistic homeostatic interaction between the host and its micro- and mycobiota. Living as a commensal,Saccharomyces cerevisiaecould potentially shape the immune response in a significant way. We observed thatS. cerevisiaecells induce trained immunity in monocytes in a strain-dependent manner through enhanced(More)
Regulated erroneous protein translation (adaptive mistranslation) increases proteome diversity and produces advantageous phenotypic variability in the human pathogen Candida albicans. It also increases fitness in the presence of fluconazole, but the underlying molecular mechanism is not understood. To address this question, we evolved hypermistranslating(More)
The composition and changes of the fungal population and of the metabolites present in grapes and in ferments of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Corvina, one of the major components of the Amarone musts, were dissected aiming at the identification of constant characteristics possibly influenced by the productive process. The fungal populations and metabolomic(More)
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