Noemi Serra-Paya

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BACKGROUND Obesity is mainly attributed to environmental factors. In developed countries, the time spent on physical activity tasks is decreasing, whereas sedentary behaviour patterns are increasing.The purpose of the intervention is to evaluate the effectiveness of an intensive family-based behavioural multi-component intervention (Nereu programme) and(More)
INTRODUCTION Treatment of childhood obesity is a complex challenge for primary health care professionals. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effectiveness of the Nereu Program in improving anthropometric parameters, physical activity and sedentary behaviours, and dietary intake. METHODS Randomized, controlled, multicentre clinical trial comparing Nereu Program(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Prolonged sitting time has negative consequences on health, although the population is not well aware of these harmful effects. We explored opinions expressed by primary care patients diagnosed as overweight or moderately obese concerning their time spent sitting, willingness to change, and barriers, facilitators, goals and(More)
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