Noemi Mauro

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Searching information in a Geographical Information System (GIS) usually imposes that users explore precompiled category catalogs and select the types of information they are looking for. Unfortunately, that approach is challenging because it forces people to adhere to a conceptualization of the information space that might be different from their own. In(More)
We present the information retrieval model adopted in the OnToMap Participatory GIS. The model addresses the limitations of keyword-based and category-based search by semantically interpreting the information needs specified in free-text search queries. The model is based on an ontological representation of linguistic and encyclopaedic knowledge, which(More)
Map-based applications are a good starting point for helping teachers in the preparation of learning material and students in their researches in social sciences. However, they offer basic information filtering support to the generation of dynamic maps. In this paper, we investigate the adoption of semantic knowledge representation and cooperative work(More)
My PhD project focuses on Participatory GIS (PGIS). In the project I analyze two methodologies to offer personalized search results in community maps and a natural interaction with the system. The first consists of automatically gathering the terms according to which the users express their information needs, in order to enrich the domain conceptualization(More)
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