Noemi Lala

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Migraine is a common type of headache and its most severe attacks are usually treated with triptans, the efficacy of which is extremely variable. Several SNPs in genes involved in metabolism and target mechanisms of triptans have been described. To define an association between genetic profile and triptan response, we classified a migrainous population on(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this cross-sectional study was to assess whether stagnation dimensions and depression were associated with perceived disability in chronic migraineurs. METHODS Participants were 69 consecutive adult outpatients admitted to the Regional Referral Headache Centre of the Sant'Andrea Hospital in Rome, Italy. Patients were administered the(More)
The Master in Headache Medicine has accomplished its 12 th cycle of life [1]. At the time of its activation we acknowledged the necessity of an academic education thought to support the growth of a subspecialty included in major disciplines like neurology, internal medicine, emergency medicine, pharmacology and pain medicine. The challenge then was to(More)
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