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New cytotoxic steroids from the gorgonian Isis hippuris. Structure–activity studies
Abstract Isis hippuris has proven to be a rich source of new cytotoxic polyoxygenated steroids. Thirteen novel polyoxygenated steroids, along with some known compounds, have been isolated from theExpand
A new secosterol from the Indonesian octocoral Pachyclavularia violacea.
A new secosterol (1), along with pachyclavulariaenone B (3), was isolated from Pachyclavularia violacea. The structures of these compounds were established on the basis of the NMR and MS experiments.
New Xenia diterpenoids from the Indonesian soft coral Xenia sp.
Two new xeniolides and 9-hydroxyxeniolide-F have been isolated from Xenia sp. Expand
New cytotoxic cembranolides: isolation, biogenetic studies, and synthesis of analogues
Abstract Three new diterpene cembranes ( 1 – 3 ) along with eunilode ( 4 ) were isolated from the organic extracts of Eunicea mammosa . Biogenetic studies using a cell-free extract demonstrated thatExpand
Cyclobutenbriarein A, the first diterpene with a tricyclo[,6)]tetradec-4-ene ring system isolated from the Gorgonian Briareum asbestinum.
Cyclobutenbriarein A (2), a novel class of C20-rearranged diterpene briarane possessing an unprecedented tricyclo-4-ene ring system was isolated from the organic extracts of the Bahamian gorgonian Briareum asbestinum, establishing the structures of these secondary metabolites. Expand