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A systematic literature review was carried out to study patient security and possible harmful effects, immunity and interferences on medical devices, and effectiveness and transmission problems in healthcare and hospital environments due to electromagnetic interferences. The objective was to determine already-reported cases of patient security, immunity of(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to determine already reported cases of transmission/reception failure and interferences to evaluate the safety and security of the new mobile home telemedicine systems. MATERIALS AND METHODS The literature published in the last 10 years (1998-2009) has been reviewed, by searching in several databases. Searches on(More)
Myocardial motion analysis and quantification is of utmost importance for analyzing contractile heart abnormalities and it can be a symptom of a coronary arterial disease. A fundamental problem in processing sequences of images is the computation of the optical flow, which is an approximation to the real image motion. This paper presents a new algorithm for(More)
Agar plates are widely used in the biomedical field as a medium in which to artificially grow bacteria, algae or fungi. Agar plates (Petri dishes) are used routinely in microbiology laboratories in order to identify the type of micro-organism responsible for infections. Such diagnoses are based on counting the number and type of bacterial colonies growing(More)
Cochlear implantation is a surgical technique which aims to restore hearing in people with deep hearing loss. However, outcomes of the surgery still exhibit a large variability between patients. Among the factors that contribute to variability the most important are morphological differences in anatomical structures between patients and incorrect implant(More)
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