Noelle L Brown

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We report three experiments investigating source memory for words that were called "new" on a recognition test. In each experiment, participants could accurately specify the source of words that they failed to recognize. Results also demonstrated that source memory for unrecognized items varied with the bias to respond "old" in recognition decisions:(More)
3 experiments examined the notion that children's primacy and recency in the probe-type pictorial memory task are related to the spatial distinctiveness of the leftmost and rightmost items presented. The correspondence between spatial location and temporal position of pictorial items was varied systematically in each experiment. 3-year old children were(More)
The effect of delay on prospective memory (PM) is mixed. Research has typically shown that PM either decreases or remains unchanged as the time increases between intention formation and encounter with a PM cue. However, the results of one study demonstrated that PM sometimes increases with increasing delays (Hicks, Marsh, & Russell, 2000). Hicks et al.(More)
We investigated the role of stimulus-response compatibility in influencing manual reactions to a moving visual target in a videogame (pong). 40 right-handed university men were assigned randomly to one of two experimental conditions, the normal game condition or a reverse control condition in which the response device on the right controls the left game(More)
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