Noell L Rowan

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This phenomenological study illuminates coping among older lesbians with alcoholism. Twenty study participants were recruited through purposive and snowball sampling; each completed 3 interviews structured to gain a deeper understanding of participants' lived experiences. This article focuses on the key situations and people that helped study participants(More)
This study assessed knowledge outcomes among concurrent, concurrent/sequential, and sequential rotation models of field instruction. Posttest knowledge scores of students ( n = 231) in aging-related field education were higher for students who participated in the concurrent rotation model, and for those who completed field education at a long-term care(More)
The demand for personal care workers in home-based care is expected to double with the aging of the baby boomer population at the same time that home care agencies struggle with high rates of turnover. This article examines the job experience of 171 home care aides who remained on the job over 18 months of data collection in the longitudinal home care(More)
Social workers are often the key link between older adults, their families and community-based services. Thus, knowledge about older adults and community-based care is imperative for social work practice. Evaluation data are provided on a national multisite effort (N = 353) from 35 schools to assure graduate social work student's competency related to(More)
With focus on interdisciplinary education models, social work and physical therapy faculty from two proximate universities partnered to create an evidence-based geriatric assessment and brief intervention research, training, and service project for community-dwelling older adults. Assessment tools and interventions were selected from the literature to(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of interdisciplinary geriatric home-based assessment and self-management support services to community-dwelling older adults. DESIGN A quasi-experimental, pre-post test design tested two types of service delivery models. The first protocol included geriatric assessment services, with a(More)
Since 1998, the Hartford Partnership Program in Aging Education (HPPAE) has been implemented in over 70 graduate social work programs. This study examined whether program and individual student characteristics are associated with students' knowledge, skills, and values in aging. We conducted a secondary analysis of national program evaluation data. Results(More)
Using person-environment-fit theory as a theoretical framework, this qualitative case study examined, through in-depth interviews and thematic analysis, the lived experience of an older gay man who has lived solely in rural communities. An overarching theme of life satisfaction clearly emerged, along with themes regarding supportive social networks and(More)