Noelia Vico Triviño

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We report on the achievement of freestanding GaN photonic crystal L7 nanocavities with embedded InGaN/GaN quantum wells grown by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy on Si (111). GaN was patterned by e-beam lithography, using a SiO2 layer as a hard mask, and usual dry etching techniques. The membrane was released by underetching the Si (111) substrate.(More)
III-V photonics on silicon is an active and promising research area. Here, we demonstrate room-temperature (RT) lasing in short-wavelength III-nitride photonic crystal nanobeam cavities grown on silicon featuring a single InGaN quantum well (QW). In the low-absorption QW region, high quality factors in excess of 10(4) are measured, while RT blue lasing(More)
Room-temperature quantum emitters in gallium nitride (GaN) are reported. The emitters originate from cubic inclusions in hexagonal lattice and exhibit narrowband luminescence in the red spectral range. The sources are found in different GaN substrates, and therefore are promising for scalable quantum technologies.
GaN based electronic devices have progressed rapidly over the past decades and are nowadays starting to replace Si and classical III-V semiconductors in power electronics systems and high power RF amplifiers. AlGaN/GaN heterostructures have been, until recently, the materials system of choice for nitride based electronics. The limits of AlGaN/GaN(More)
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