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BACKGROUND Neuroblastic tumours (NBTs) represent a heterogeneous spectrum of neoplastic diseases associated with multiple genetic alterations. Structural and numerical chromosomal changes are frequent and are predictive parameters of NBTs outcome. We performed a comparative analysis of the biological entities constituted by NBTs with different ploidy(More)
Digital Asset Management is an emerging business for tele-communication companies, especially when applied to the entertainment market. Current implementations try to overcome the integration needs from each actor participating in the business processes by using Enterprise Application Integration. Triple Space is a space-based communication infrastructure(More)
Security and trust requirement analysis and state-of-the-art Executive Summary This deliverable aims at discussing what " security " means in TripCom, assessing requirements and state-of-the-art. After a discussion about the presence and role of " authorities " ruling the triple space, and about the impact of this on security requirements , the document(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity and gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) increase the morbidity of the mother and newborn, which could increase further should they coexist. We aimed to determine the risk of adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes associated with excess weight (EW), and within this group identify potential differences between those with and without GDM.(More)
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