Noelia Martín

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Biological soil crusts are very sensitive to human-induced disturbances and are in a degraded state in many areas throughout their range. Given their importance in the functioning of arid and semiarid ecosystems, restoring these crusts may contribute to the recovery of ecosystem functionality in degraded areas. We conducted a factorial microcosm experiment(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the mechanical properties of occlusal wear lesions identified as sclerotic. METHODS Nanoindentation and nanoscratch techniques have been applied to determine elastic modulus (E), hardness (H) and wear resistance of different types of sclerotic dentin. Nanoscratch testing was applied to evaluate the tribological behavior. Mechanical(More)
This paper provides empirical evidence on the impact that private participation in infrastructure has had on key macroeconomic variables in a sample of 21 Latin American countries during the 1985-1998 period. Specifically, we look at the effects on GDP per capita, current public expenditures, public investment and private investment, controlling for country(More)
Biological soil crusts (BSC) play a major role in water and nutrient fluxes in semi-arid and arid areas, affecting the establishment of vascular plants and contributing to the spatial arrangement of vegetated and open areas. However, little is known regarding their effects on the performance of extant vegetation. By using experimental manipulations (surface(More)
Introduction: Continuous apomorphine infusion (CAI) is effective in improving complications in advanced Parkinson’s disease (APD). The effectiveness and tolerance of CAI in patients with APD with varying degrees of functional impairment was studied. Methods: In this comparative observational study, consecutive APD who started treatment with CAI were(More)
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