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The Sumo protease Senp7 is required for proper neuronal differentiation.
Covalent attachment of the Small ubiquitin-like modifier (Sumo) polypeptide to proteins regulates many processes in the eukaryotic cell. In the nervous system, Sumo has been associated with theExpand
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Lyar-Mediated Recruitment of Brd2 to the Chromatin Attenuates Nanog Downregulation Following Induction of Differentiation.
During development, cellular differentiation programs need tight regulation for proper display of the activity of multiple factors in time and space. Chromatin adaptors of the BET family (Brd2, Brd3,Expand
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Generation of a human iPSC line by mRNA reprogramming.
The human iPSC cell line, derived from foreskin fibroblasts was generated by non-integrative, non-viral reprogramming technology using OCT4, SOX2, KLF4, LIN28, c-MYC mRNAs.
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The Cornelia de Lange Syndrome-associated factor NIPBL interacts with BRD4 ET domain for transcription control of a common set of genes
Mutations in NIPBL are the major cause of Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS). NIPBL is the cohesin-loading factor and has recently been associated with the BET (bromodomains and extra-terminal (ET)Expand
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