Noelia González-López

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Sargassum muticum is an invasive brown alga which could be regarded as a renewable resource susceptible to fractionation and integral valorization. S. muticum biomass was processed according to a scheme consisting of conventional alkaline extraction of alginate, ultrafiltration to concentrate antioxidant compounds lost in the waste streams and(More)
Contaminated stream sediments are a serious problem because contaminant residues will be persistent for a long time. Organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) were screened in stream sediments collected along stream flows close to an industrial area in northwestern Spain. Analyses were performed by extraction with organic solvents followed by gas chromatography-mass(More)
Grape and wine byproducts have been extensively studied for the recovery of phenolic compounds with antioxidant activity and a variety of biological actions. The selective recovery and concentration of the phenolic compounds from the liquid phase separated from further diluted winery wastes has been proposed. Adsorption onto non ionic polymeric resins and(More)
A case report is presented of a newborn who was seen by the paediatric nurse a Primary Care clinic, and whose parents had mental disabilities. They had been followed up for years by the social services in their area, due to difficulties and limitations in their personal, social and employment development. They were also living in unhealthy conditions, so in(More)
OBJECTIVE Describe the transport and storage of privately purchased vaccines. METHOD A descriptive cross-sectional observational study. We analysed all doses of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines, rotavirus and varicella acquired and administered between January-September 2009, in a Primary Care Health Centre (CAP) in an urban area. VARIABLES STUDIED type(More)
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