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Use of Banana Culture Waste to Produce Briquettes Noeli Sellin *, Bianca G. de Oliveira, Cintia Marangoni, Ozair Souza, Antonio Pedro N. de Oliveira, Therezinha M. Novais de Oliveira a Masters in Process Engineering, University of Joinville Region – UNIVILLE, 89219 710 , Joinville-SC, Brazil. b Department of Mechanical Engineering EMC, Federal University of(More)
Steel is widely used in various applications due to its resistance to mechanical stress and its ductility, as well as having other important features such as weldability, paint adhesion, easy molding and recycling, low cost and ferromagnetic properties. With exposure to humidity and high temperatures, however, rust occurs on the steel surface, causing the(More)
Comparison of Different Separation Methods for Solids Removal in an Ethanol Fermentation Broth from Banana Culture Waste Poliana Linzmeyer, Priscilla K. de Souza, Ozair Souza, Noeli Sellin, Cintia Marangoni* Environmental and Sanitary Engineering Department, University of Joinville Region, Rua Paulo Malschitzki 10, Zona Industrial, 89219-710 Joinville/SC(More)
Banana waste has the potential to produce ethanol with a low-cost and sustainable production method. The present work seeks to evaluate the separation of ethanol produced from banana waste (rejected fruit) using pervaporation with different operating conditions. Tests were carried out with model solutions and broth with commercial hollow hydrophobic(More)
Pseudostem of the Musa cavendishii banana plant was submitted to chemical pretreatments with acid (H2SO4 2%, 120 °C, 15 min) and with alkali (NaOH 3%, 120 °C, 15 min), saccharified by commercial enzymes Novozymes® (Cellic CTec2 and HTec2). The influences of the pretreatments on the degradation of the lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose, porosity of the(More)
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