Noel León Rovira

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This paper describes the conceptual foundations to construct a method on Computer Aided Innovation for product development. It begins with a brief recap of the different methodologies and disciplines that build its bases. Evolutionary Design is presented and explained how the first activities in Genetic Algorithms (GAs) helped to produce computer shapes(More)
Engine crankshafts are required to be balanced. The balance of a crankshaft is one of several parameters to be analyzed during the design of an engine, but certainly a poor balance leads to a low life time of the whole system. It is possible to optimize the balance of a crankshaft using CAD and CAE software, thanks to the new optimization tools based on(More)
This paper presents an innovative tool and method that allow efficient innovation of shape and topology of virtual parts at both mesh and CAD levels using optimization methods. The method consists of automatic variations of shapes in CAD/CAE environments that allow effective search for new shapes that are not considered initially by designers.
Computer-Aided Innovation (CAI) has proven useful for creative problem solving, particularly when faced with opposing restrictions. The work presented is faced with such restrictions in terms of solar tracking concentrators. The targeted low cost regarding the tracking system is opposed to the need of a constant precise and controlled movement. The(More)
This paper extends the current development of a methodology for Computer Aided Innovation. It begins with a presentation of concepts related to the perceived capabilities of virtual environments in the Innovation Cycle. The main premise establishes that it is possible to predict the acceptance of a new product in a specific market, by releasing an early(More)
A passive solar tracker and concentrator device must be able to effectively concentrate solar radiation into a constant area throughout the day, without any mobile mechanism. The objective is to achieve 1000 °C on the receptor area with concentrated solar energy, and to accomplish this target a compound Fresnel lens has been designed. Utilizing(More)