Noel Evans

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AbstrAct Embedded systems within home appliances are not usually manufactured to operate in a net-worked environment; connecting supplementary hardware/software systems through a wireless, PC-controlled medium is necessary to enable full, efficient control of their functions from a remote location. Access to the home's central PC may be gained via a local(More)
Anorectal function was assessed with anorectal manometry in 45 children with spina bifida (21 girls and 24 boys, mean age 11 1/2 years). 24 enuretic children served as controls. The pressure in the first and second centimeters of the anal canal was lower among index children than controls and also lower among those with high spinal lesions compared with(More)
In response to the frequent complaint of difficulties with defecation experienced by children with cerebral palsy, 34 children (13 girls and 21 boys, mean age 10 years) with cerebral palsy were investigated by questionnaire and anorectal manometry. 24 enuretic children served as controls for the anorectal manometry. Constipation affected 26 of 29,(More)
BACKGROUND Conventional methods for cardioversion of atrial fibrillation (AF) to sinus rhythm have numerous difficulties. A novel method for cardioversion using the passive implantable atrial defibrillator (PIAD) was tested in acute animal models. This device does not have a battery or a capacitor to store energy and is activated by transferring RF energy(More)
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