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That was nearly 50 years ago, and we're just beginning to get the floors vacuumed. We're also falsely infamous for creating superintelligent robots that will take over the world and kill everyone. This idea has been wedged into the human psyche ever since 1921, when Karel Čapek first used the word " robot " in his apocalyptic play R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal(More)
The performance of neural nets can be improved through the use of ensembles of redundant nets. In this paper, some of the available methods of ensemble creation are reviewed and the \test and select" methodolo-logy for ensemble creation is considered. This approach involves testing potential ensemble combinations on a validation set, and selecting the best(More)
With the growing popularity of statistical approaches to natural language processing, it is natural to consider how connectionist techniques for learning and using soft constraints might be applicable to this area. However, nagging questions about the representational and computational adequacy of connectionist networks for processing language make the(More)
The development of a neural net system for fault diagnosis in a marine diesel engine is described. Nets were trained to classify combustion quality on the basis of simulated data. Three diierent types of data were used; Pressure, Temperature and Combined Pressure and Temperature. Subsequent to training, three nets were selected and combined by means of a(More)