Noel Dzimnenani Mbirimtengerenji

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Undisputable fact is that 14000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa are being infected daily with HIV and 11000 are dying every day due to HIV/AIDS related illnesses. In this region more than 60% of the people live below UN poverty line of US$ 1 per day. Some studies have shown that poverty and HIV infection are in correlation, but none has shown whether HIV/AIDS(More)
Introduction: Nursing is the largest healthcare profession in Malawi with more than 11,000 registered nurses (RNs), nurse technicians and midwives (NTM) practicing in hospitals and other settings like nursing colleges nationwide. Student preparation is mostly done by nursing tutors in all the nursing colleges using numerous types of teaching aids. Methods:(More)
Introduction: Voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) reduces chances of contracting HIV during heterosexual intercourse in males, and risk of cervical cancer in their female sexual partners. However, its uptake among traditionally circumcising communities, where male circumcision carries a cultural significance, has not been studied. Previous research(More)
Introduction: Nursing is a dual profession that involves teaching both in class and at the clinical area. Nurse tutors meet a lot of challenges in their profession through their cognitive, affective and psychomotor nursing performance. The aim of this paper is to determine the challenges of nurse tutor clinical affective, cognitive and psychomotor(More)
Background: There are numerous teaching strategies that suit the pedagogical learning, but not all can yield the desired outcome and be properly applied by nurse tutors in both classroom and clinical area. Therefore, identifying the utilization of the teaching strategy for nurse tutors is very detrimental in nursing education. Methods: Descriptive(More)
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