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This paper presents a 94GHz 4-stage differential transformer-coupled power amplifier with capacitive neutralization. The use of transformers results in excellent common mode isolation between the different stages while providing a good impedance match. The neutralized differential pairs guarantee differential stability. The PA was designed in a 45nm LP CMOS(More)
In this paper an on-chip antenna solution for high-speed millimeter wave wireless integrated transceivers in CMOS is presented. Accurate design and analysis of the complete 3D antenna structure has lead to an efficiency as high as 69% and an input bandwidth of 48GHz. A peak antenna gain of 4.4dBi is also achieved. The bondwire dipole is fabricated on a 45nm(More)
This paper presents an F-band direct digital ASK modulation transmitter. A high speed bias current modulator and a large bandwidth power amplifier are key building blocks in this system. The digital PRBS signal is generated by an on chip high speed 9-bit LFSR. A transmitted data rate of 5Gb/s is achieved and the measured peak output power is 6dBm at 110GHz.(More)
In this paper a fully integrated D-band transmitter with on-chip dipole bondwire antenna implemented in 45nm low power CMOS is presented. On-chip frequency generation, insensitive to VCO pulling, is integrated together with a direct carrier quadrature vector modulator, ASK modulator, 4-stage differential transformer-coupled power amplifier and antenna.(More)
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