Noel Cassidy

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The majority of current digital libraries (DLs) are not designed forchildren. For DLs to be popular with children, they need to be fun, easy-to-use and empower them, whether as readers or authors. This paper describes a new childrens DL emphasizing its design and evaluation, working with the children (11-14 year olds) as design partners and testers. A truly(More)
Most of today's digital libraries (DLs) are not designed for children. To produce usable and useful DLs, designers need to ensure that good design features are incorporated, taking into consideration users' needs. We describe our experience working with children as design partners and testers in building a children's DL of stories and poems for 11-14 year(More)
A 76-year-old man with a history of ankylosing spondylitis presented to the emergency department complaining of neck pain. He stated the pain began when he slipped to the ground from a seated position in his bedroom. On examination his head had adopted a posture so that his chin was resting on his right clavicle, he was noted to have reduced power and(More)
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