Noel Carroll

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Context: The literature is rich in examples of both successful and failed global software development projects. However, practitioners do not have the time to wade through the many recommendations to work out which ones apply to them. To this end, we developed a prototype Decision Support System (DSS) for Global Teaming (GT), with the goal of making(More)
Context. Clinical pathway support system can ease the clinician burden by prompting appropriate actions at different stages of a patient consultation. However, while the attitudes of clinicians towards the use of these systems are overwhelmingly positive, system designers still encounter significant challenges to their use in the clinical enviroment. Aims.(More)
This paper is concerned with understanding the complex nature of service network environments with particular attention on exploring business transactions across supply chains. Although business transactions have been traditionally well documented throughout literature, what becomes apparent is that these approaches fail to capture the dynamic complexity of(More)
Societal changes are forcing us to reconsider how healthcare is delivered. Connected Health, which involves the application of ICT to support healthcare delivery, is an emerging trend in this space. A robust evaluation technique that considers the impact of Connected Health on society is a vital enabler for this growing area. For this reason, we developed(More)
In recent years, there has been significant growth in software companies across the healthcare sector developing new technologies to improve healthcare delivery and services. This has given rise to the emergence of Connected Health -- a new model for healthcare management. This also places considerable emphasis on the process of software development in(More)
Connected Health is an emerging model of care that engages technology to improve patient care and (re)habilitation. It encourages self-efficacy by developing client-centred care pathways and evidence-based interventions to reduce the need for hospital-led care and empower patients in their homes. It also promotes improved ‘connectivity’ between healthcare(More)
There is a need to address the significant gap in our ability to measure and monitor the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across service networks. The unprecedented growth in service-based business processes over a short period of time has underscored the need for understanding the mechanisms and theorising the business models and business process(More)
Although services are delivered across dispersed complex service eco-systems, monitoring performance becomes a difficult task. This paper explores a number of areas to support the development of service performance analytics within the discipline of service science. The paper provides a comprehensive account for the need to introduce modelling techniques to(More)