Noeen Ahmad

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Introduction. Diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines, organized as sepsis bundles, have been shown to improve mortality, but timely and consistent implementation of these can be challenging. Our study examined the use of a screening tool and an early alert system to improve bundle compliance and mortality. Methods. A screening tool was used to identify(More)
BACKGROUND Few data is available on triage of critically ill patients. Because the demand for ICU beds often exceeds their availability, frequently intensivists need to triage these patients in order to equally and efficiently distribute the available resources based on the concept of potential benefit and reasonable chance of recovery. The objective of(More)
Background. Although access to HAART has prolonged survival and improved quality of life, HIV-infected patients with severe immunosuppression or comorbidities may develop complications that require critical care support. Our objective is to evaluate the etiology of respiratory failure in patients with HIV infection admitted to the ICU, its relationship with(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have shown that patients admitted to hospitals on weekends and after-hours experience worse outcome than those admitted on weekdays and daytime hours. Although admissions of patients to intensive care units (ICUs) occur 24 hours a day, not all critical care units maintain the same level of staffing during nighttime, weekends, and(More)
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