Nodir Adilov

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Peer-to-peer file sharing communities present a paradox for standard public goods theory, which predicts that free-riding should preclude the success of the community. We present a model in which users choose their level of sharing, downloading, and listening in the presence of sharing costs and endogenous downloading costs. In our model, sharing emerges(More)
Robert Thomas has shown, using simulations of experimental results, that the power flow on any line in an electric network is linearly proportional to the total system load when that system is optimally dispatched using accurate generator cost data. By comparison, when offers from generators obtained in a wholesale market that is not perfectly competitive(More)
An experimental structure is demonstrated that represents end-use customers in electricity markets who can substitute part of their usage between day and night. Individuals' demand relationships are represented by a two-step value function for each period that are disaggregated from observed market demand relationships. Demand varies between day and night(More)
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