Nodar N. Kipshidze

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The blood taken from 35 patients with coronary heart disease and 30 healthy donors was irradiated with He-Ne laser, which resulted in a decrease in its count of segmented neutrophilic granulocytes. Lectins bound to various carbohydrate determinants onto the neutrophil surface were shown to affect changes occurring after luminol-depended chemiluminescence(More)
The efficacy of a new method of treatment, endovascular blood irradiation with He-Ne laser, developed by the authors, was studied in 295 patients with primary acute transmural myocardial infarction (MI). Twenty-four-hour Holter monitoring findings before and after laser irradiation suggested the possibility of preventing sudden death in the acute period of(More)
In 80 patients with acute transmural myocardial infarction (30 patients with anterior infarction and 50 with posterior infarction), endovascular irradiation of blood with helium-neon laser was studied for effects on the time-course of the processes of ischemic lesion and myocardial necrotization from the data on precordial mapping of 35 leads ECG (epsilon(More)
The effect of the nucleoside Inosie-F (inosin) on the intracardiac hemodynamics and the contraction and relaxation of a diseased myocardium was studied in the clinic and in experiments. An examination was made of 102 patients with macrofocal myocardial infarction (22 received inosin by intravenous drip in a single dose of 200 mg in the acute stage of(More)
The goal of this research was to study influence of the MS on the electrophysiological parameters of the heart conduction system. The research involved 32 patients suffering from heart arrhythmias (18 females and 14 males, average age 52,8-/+12,9). The patients were categorized into 2 groups. Group I included 15 patients (9 females and 6 males, average age(More)
INTRODUCTION 52% of adults have uncontrolled hypertension in the Republic of Georgia. We incorporated a blood pressure control program into an existing primary healthcare system in an attempt to improve the rate of blood pressure control. METHODS We conducted standardized trainings of rural primary care providers--doctors and nurses--in accurate(More)
A study of cellular and humoral immunity was conducted in patients with viral myocarditis. Quantitative and functional deficiency of T-suppressors and an increase in the number of cytotoxic lymphocytes were revealed in most patients. Disorder in the T-cellular link of immunity correlated with a clinical course of the disease and was found more frequently in(More)