Nobuyuki Tokura

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This paper proposes an advanced ATM VP-based self-healing ring. This ring system offers better recovery control and path management than the conventional STM-based selfhealing ring. This self-healing ring has two main characteristics. First, protection VP’s are established in advance which have the same termination points as the working VP’s regardless of(More)
The exhaust gas from compost processing plants contains a large amount of ammonia. To treat ammonia gas at high loads, bench-scale experiments were carried out. First, nitrifying bacteria were enriched from soil and immobilized on porous ceramics. The ceramics were packed in an acrylic cylinder (diameter, 100 mm; packed height, 190 mm) and ammonia gas was(More)
We introduce a high definition image distribution system that uses segmented data transmission. Our system transmits image sequences captured by multiple cameras (three in the current version) to the clients via a high-speed network. In this system, each client has a PC and receives a high-resolution view of the entire lecture area. Data volume is reduced(More)
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