Nobuyuki Tanimura

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Complex developmental programs require orchestration of intrinsic and extrinsic signals to control cell proliferation, differentiation, and survival. Master regulatory transcription factors are vital components of the machinery that transduce these stimuli into cellular responses. This is exemplified by the GATA family of transcription factors that(More)
Metal ion-containing macromolecules have fundamental roles in essentially all biological processes throughout the evolutionary tree. For example, iron-containing heme is a cofactor in enzyme catalysis and electron transfer and an essential hemoglobin constituent. To meet the intense demand for hemoglobin assembly in red blood cells, the cell type-specific(More)
An enhancer with amalgamated E-box and GATA motifs (+9.5) controls expression of the regulator of hematopoiesis GATA-2. While similar GATA-2-occupied elements are common in the genome, occupancy does not predict function, and GATA-2-dependent genetic networks are incompletely defined. A "+9.5-like" element resides in an intron of Samd14 (Samd14-Enh)(More)
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