Nobuyuki Tanahashi

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Delayed neuronal death in the hippocampal CA1 region after transient forebrain ischemia may share its underlying mechanism with neurodegeneration and other modes of neuronal death. The precise mechanism, however, remains unknown. In the postischemic hippocampus, conjugated ubiquitin accumulates and free ubiquitin is depleted, suggesting impaired proteasome(More)
Depression is a kind of mood disorder. The incidence of depressed patients has demonstrated an upward trend in recent years. Symptoms may improve with treatments such as pharmacotherapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy, but such approaches may exert strong side effects, and therapeutic effects can be slow. We studied how acupuncture stimulation would affect(More)
A previous study on rats showed that simultaneous acupuncture stimulation at the "Bai-Hui" (GV 20) and the "Yintáng" (Ex-HN3) acupoints alleviated the state of depression to an extent similar to that achieved by pharmacotherapy. This study investigated whether the alleviation of the depressed state required simultaneous acupuncture at these two acupuncture(More)
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