Nobuyuki Takeda

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A prototype of a linear ultrasonic piezoelectric actuator (LUPA) was developed, and the fundamental characteristics were measured. The results imply that the LUPA has the advantages of compactness, standstill force without excitation, and a large torque in the low-speed range. The disadvantages are that the mechanism of force generation is friction, which(More)
The filtrate of non-catalytical wet-oxidation sewage sludge was wet-oxidized again at 290 degrees C and 300 degrees C with a Ru-Rh catalyst. At each temperature, repeated batch tests were carried out. Both oxidation and denitrification efficiency of organic matter in the raw material were studied. In the 16 times batch tests at 300 degrees C, high and(More)
Dehydroxymethylepoxyquinomycin (DHMEQ, 1) is well known to inhibit nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-κB), which is closely associated with immune, inflammatory, and apoptotic processes as an inducible transcription factor. The inhibitory effect seems to be the result of the ring opening of an epoxide of 1 with Cys(38) of p65. We have synthesized an analog 4(More)