Nobuyuki Sawashima

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Concurrent Object Oriented C (cooC) is a language based on the premise that an object not only provides an encapsulation boundary but should also form a process boundary; each object acts concurrently. Upon this basic model various control regimes can be applied to provide different execution and service policies. The cooC language model employs(More)
A simple mathematical model of the chemically excitable membranes leading to autonomous chaotic oscillations is presented. The model assumes two kinds of autocatalytic ion channels, one is for cations and the other is for anions. Self-consistency between the ion distributions and the electric potentials is taken into account by including the counter ions(More)
We present a toolkit and architecture for supporting networked shared (multi-user) hypermedia applications. The toolkit supports a rich set of media types: text, graphics, pictures, live and pre-recorded sound, and live and pre-recorded video. Hypermedia links can be anchored to any media type and refer to nodes which contain media items. Nodes provide for(More)
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