Nobuyuki Nakayama

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Nine new sterols have been isolated from a marine sponge, Theonella swinhoei. Of these, seven sterols were found to be conicasterol derivatives [(24R)-4-methylene-24-methyl-8(14)-cholesten-3 beta-ol] oxygenated at carbon-7 and/or carbon-15. The other two were (24R)-7 beta,8 beta-epoxy-14 alpha-methoxy-4-methylene-24-methylcholestan- 3 beta-ol and(More)
  • N Nakayama
  • 1976
For the diagnosis of intra- and retro-orbital processes, orbital phlebography occupies a key position whereas carotid arteriography visualizing the ophthalmic artery has only a limited diagnostic value for the assessment of absolute intra-orbital processes. Use of subtraction method and magnification technique brought essential improvement to the vessel(More)
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