Nobuyuki Ishida

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This paper concerns an e cient algorithm for learning in the limit a special type of regular languages called locally testable languages from positive data, and its application to identifying the protein -chain region in amino acid sequences. First, we present a linear time algorithm that, given a locally testable language, learns (identi es) its(More)
We show that surface states within the conduction band of n-type GaAs 110 surfaces play an important role in reducing the tunneling current out of an accumulation layer that forms due to an applied potential from a nearby probe tip. Numerical computation of the tunneling current combined with an electrostatic potential computation of the tip-induced band(More)
The effect of multiple scattering on the estimation of rainfall rates using incoherent backscattered power at two frequencies (16 and 34.8 GHz) is analyzed. Simulation of circularly polarized transmissions propagating through homogeneous rain is used to estimate the rainfall rates from echo power levels calculated with and without multiple scattering(More)
We have developed holders for scanning tunneling microscopy tips that can be used for in situ treatments of the tips, such as electron bombardment (EB) heating, ion sputtering, and the coating of magnetic materials. The holders can be readily installed into the transfer paths and do not require any special type of base stages. Scanning electron microscopy(More)
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