Nobuyuki Hiruma

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Dental management of 162 cases of medically compromised patients was reviewed. Over the past 3 years and 2 months, 130 patients with certain medical problems underwent 162 cases of dental treatment under local anesthesia. In the present study, research was done chiefly on intraoperative management of these patients. The following results were obtained: 1)(More)
The present study examined two forms of culturally-defined social anxiety: social anxiety or phobia, as defined by DSM-IV; (i.e., a concern of public scrutiny or embarrassment) and Taijin Kyofusho (TKS), a Japanese form of social anxiety centered around concern for offending others with inappropriate behavior or offensive appearance. These versions of(More)
Japanese and U.S. preschool children's responses to hypothetical interpersonal dilemmas were examined as a function of culture, gender, and maternal child-rearing values. U.S. children showed more anger, more aggressive behavior and language, and underregulation of emotion than Japanese children, across different contexts of assessment. Children from the 2(More)
This paper deals with characteristics of accommodation evoked by perceived depth sensation and the dynamic relationship between accommodation and vergence, applying newly developed optical measurement apparatuses. A total of five subjects looked at three different two-dimensional stimuli and two different three-dimensional stimuli; namely a real image and a(More)
Aiming to close the digital divide in the television viewing environment, we are developing a TV system with an agent that controls the TV and peripherals on behalf of the user and provides information to the user. We propose a TV system function that answers viewers' questions about TV programs by calling upon multiple question-answering agents that search(More)
Humans naturally have a sense of humor. Experiencing humor not only encourages social interactions, but also produces positive physiological effects on the human body, such as lowering blood pressure. Recent neuro-imaging studies have shown evidence for distinct mental state changes at work in people experiencing humor. However, the temporal characteristics(More)