Nobuyuki Hirai

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The different effects of heat treatment on wood, especially on the cellulose crystallites of wood under ovendried and highly moist conditions, were investigated by X-ray diffractometer. Heat was found to increase significantly the crystallinity of wood cellulose; moreover, almost twice as much crystallization was observed after heat treatment of spruce and(More)
The effect of intermittent heat treatment on cellulose crystallites in wood was studied to evaluate quantitatively the changes of crystallinity induced by intermittent and continuous heating. The changes in crystallinity were found to be strongly affected by the intermittent heat treatment. The increased crystallinity, the width of the crystals, and the(More)
We investigated HER2 expression immunohistochemically in 12 patients with a gastrointestinal (GI) carcinoid tumor. The tumors were located in the stomach in three patients, the duodenum in four, the vermiform appendix in one, and the rectum in four. HER2 was highly expressed in the nine intestinal, but not in the three gastric carcinoid tumors. These(More)
As endoscopic surgery has become a popular form of minimally invasive surgery, it increasingly requires useful imaging tools to help the surgeons perform safe and secure operations. Our navigation system provides surgeons with visual information by overlaying 3D wire frame models of tumor onto live images, as well as by displaying relative the positions of(More)
The crystalline behavior of heat-treated wood cellulose treated at 85% relative humidity (RH), in water, or boiled in water after heat treatment was investigated. The normal increased crystallinity was significantly depressed for samples that were oven-dried and then treated in 85% RH or in water. In the case of boiling-water treatment, a more pronounced(More)
OBJECTIVES Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-related micoRNAs (miRNAs), BamHI-A rightward transcripts (BART)-miRNAs, are released in a stable form from viable cells, which are abundant in patients with EBV-positive nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC). We estimated copy numbers of circulating miR-BART2-5p, miR-BART17-5p, and miR-BART18-5p as well as BamHI-W DNA as(More)
The piezoelectricity of cyanoethylated hydroxyethylcellulose was investigated. Elastic, piezoelectric, and dielectric relaxations were observed at −80° to −60°C and 0° to 20°C at a frequency of 10Hz. The activation energy is about 9–15 kcal/mol in the low temperature region and about 30–45 kcal/mol at room temperature. These relaxations in the low(More)
This study investigated the behavior of piezoelectric, dielectric, and elastic constants and the crystallinity in wood cellulose by repeated measurements (n = 42) between 100°C and 220°C. There was an insignificant change in the piezoelectric constant during repeated measurements in this temperature range. On the other hand, thermal decomposition of the(More)