Nobuyuki Harada

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Prodigiosins are natural red pigments that have multi-biological activities. Recently, we discovered a marine bacterial strain, which produces a red pigment. Extensive two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry analysis showed that the pigment is a prodigiosin analogue (PG-L-1). Here, we investigated the effect of PG-L-1 on NADPH(More)
To obtain enantiopure compounds, the so-called chiral high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method, i.e., HPLC using a chiral stationary phase, is very useful, as reviewed in the present Special Issue. On the other hand, normal HPLC (on silica gel) separation of diastereomers is also useful for the preparation of enantiopure compounds and also for(More)
This paper estimates new Keynesian, dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models in a liquidity trap (the non-negativity constraint on short term nominal interest rates) using the Monte Carlo particle filter, proposed by Kitagawa (1996) and Gordon et al. (1993), and a self-organizing state space model, proposed by Kitagawa (1998). In our method, we(More)
  • TSURUTA Daisuke, Peng XU, +10 authors Iichiro Uesugi
  • 2007
Using a large sample of financially distressed small firms in Japan, we find that a distressed firm goes bankrupt faster if it uses proportionately more trade credits. Financially distressed firms experiencing a sharp decrease in trade payables are also more likely to go bankrupt. This suggests that coordination failure among a large number of dispersed(More)
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