Nobuyo Komatani-Tamiya

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Excessive nitric oxide (NO) generated by inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) aggravates acute lung injury (ALI) by producing peroxinitrite. We previously showed that the expression of iNOS and lung injury were suppressed by inhalation of a novel iNOS inhibitor, ONO-1714, in mice with Candida-induced ALI, and that nitric oxide produced by iNOS and(More)
The beating cilia play a key role in lung mucociliary transport. The ciliary beating frequency (CBF) and ciliary bend amplitude (CBA) of isolated mouse bronchiolar ciliary cells were measured using a light microscope equipped with a high-speed camera (500 Hz). Procaterol (aβ(2)-agonist) increased CBA and CBF in a dose dependent manner via cAMP. The time(More)
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