Nobuyasu Yamada

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We present a lattice QCD calculation of B → πlν semileptonic decay form factors in the small pion recoil momentum region. The calculation is performed on a quenched 16 3 × 48 lattice at β = 5.9 with the NRQCD action including the full 1/M terms. The form factors f 1 (v · k π) and f 2 (v · k π) defined in the heavy quark effective theory for which the heavy(More)
We investigated the cosmology in a higher-curvature gravity where the dimensionality of spacetime gives rise to only quantitative difference, contrary to Einstein gravity. We found exponential type solutions for flat isotropic and homogeneous vacuum universe for the case in which the higher-curvature term in the Lagrangian density is quadratic in the scalar(More)
A canonical formalism of f (R)-type gravity in terms of Lie derivatives Abstract A canonical formalism of f (R)-type gravity is proposed, resolving the problem in the formalism of Buchbinder and Lyakhovich(BL). The new coordinates corresponding to the time derivatives of the metric are taken to be its Lie derivatives which is the same as in BL. The momenta(More)
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