Nobuyasu Ito

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Molecular dynamics simulations are performed to investigate the microscopic dynamics of a bubble when liquids are locally heated. We successfully observe that the heated atoms scatter the neighboring nonheated atoms and make a bubble, and then the bubble is cooled and compressed by the surrounding liquids. The bubble dynamics in this process agrees with the(More)
Community assembly is studied using individual-based multispecies models. The models have stochastic population dynamics with mutation, migration, and extinction of species. Mutants appear as a result of mutation of the resident species, while migrants have no correlation with the resident species. It is found that the dynamics of community assembly with(More)
The gas-liquid phase transition of the three-dimensional Lennard-Jones particles system is studied by molecular dynamics simulations. The gas and liquid densities in the coexisting state are determined with high accuracy. The critical point is determined by the block density analysis of the Binder parameter with the aid of the law of rectilinear diameter.(More)
Macroscopic fundamental diagram (MFD) is a reproducible unimodal relation between average vehicle density and average flow rate in urban traffic. Although this idea is tested by a few observations and simulations, its mechanism is not well understood. In order to understand it, a simple graph-based model of urban traffic is proposed. MFDs in our model(More)
A 47-year-old man with primary amyloidosis confined to the small intestine is reported. Thickening of the folds and multiple polypoid protrusions were found in the duodenum by upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. Because the patient presented with a persistent intestinal pseudo-obstruction, partial jejunectomy was performed. Histological examination of the(More)
The Ostwald ripening of bubbles is studied by molecular dynamics simulations involving up to 679 × 10(6) Lennard-Jones particles. Many bubbles appear after depressurizing a system that is initially maintained in the pure-liquid phase, and the coarsening of bubbles follows. The self-similarity of the bubble-size distribution function predicted by(More)
We study the effects of demographic stochasticity on the long-term dynamics of biological coevolution models of community assembly. The noise is induced in order to check the validity of deterministic population dynamics. While mutualistic communities show little dependence on the stochastic population fluctuations, predator-prey models show strong(More)
Bubble-nucleation processes of a Lennard-Jones liquid are studied by molecular dynamics simulations. Waiting time, which is the lifetime of a superheated liquid, is determined for several system sizes, and the apparent finite-size effect of the nucleation rate is observed. From the cumulative distribution function of the nucleation events, the(More)
<italic>The Monte Carlo simulation of the Ising model on the vector processor is discussed. This paper includes all the stages to use the vector processor, that is, the development of the vectorizable algorithm, implementation, tuning and several tests necessary to the large scale computations. Our machine is the HITAC S820/80. The maximum simulation speed(More)