Nobutoshi Fushimi

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Pituitary gland response to releasing hormone using the LH-RH loading test before and 4 weeks after cryosurgery of the prostate was investigated in eight patients with advanced prostatic carcinoma. In pre- and postoperative comparisons of all patients, there were no significant differences detected before and after surgery. But pituitary response to the(More)
AIMS/INTRODUCTION We aimed to identify factors - glycemic control, reactive inflammatory biomarkers or vital signs - associated with mortality in diabetic patients admitted to hospital for various infections (non-intensive care unit). MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively analyzed the cases of 620 diabetic patients admitted to hospital for various(More)
AIMS/INTRODUCTION There is little information regarding how to use insulin degludec (D) when diabetic patients are preparing for total colonoscopy (TCS). MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 12 patients with type 2 diabetes treated with insulin D and scheduled to undergo TCS were enrolled in the present study. A continuous glucose monitoring device was(More)
Objective The aim of this study was to determine whether nocturnal hypoglycemia may be predicted according to morning glucose levels. Methods We retrospectively evaluated 106 patients with type 2 diabetes who underwent continuous glucose monitoring during admission. The pre-breakfast glucose level (Pre-breakfast level), highest postprandial glucose level(More)
AIM To compare the prevalence and clinical features of HNF1β-related MODY and HNF1α-related MODY in Japanese. METHODS We enrolled 230 Japanese patients with suspected MODY and examined them for HNF1α and HNF1β mutations. We characterized the clinical features of HNF1β-related MODY (HNF1β-MODY) and HNF1α-related MODY (HNF1α-MODY). RESULTS Six patients(More)
An abnormal extra band on the short arm of the X chromosome was found in a 7-year-old reared as a female, of mixed gonadal dysgenesis. She had ambiguous external genitalia, scoliosis, short stature, mental retardation and motor paralysis of the limbs. Chromosomal analysis revealed the karyotype of 46,Xp+ Y. An uterus with fallopian tube, a streak gonad on(More)
AIM Glutamine has various beneficial functions in the gastrointestinal tract. The present study was designed to investigate the effect of two different glutamine supplements on bowel movement at the start of enteral feeding in elderly inpatients. METHODS This was a double-blind, prospective, randomized comparison study. A total of 25 patients aged >75(More)