Nobutoshi Baba

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Numerous studies of neonatal neuronal development in mammals have revealed that neuronal cell death following axotomy is apoptotic in nature. In adult animals, however, neuronal cell death following axonal injury may or may not exhibit features of apoptosis. Bcl-2 and Bax have been identified as inhibitor and promoter proteins, respectively, of apoptosis.(More)
The population of peripheral blood lymphocytes expressing surface receptors for a lectin, wheat germ agglutinin (WGA), which has been shown to recognize the same receptors as the soluble immune suppressor factor (SISF) elaborated from suppressor cells on the lymphocyte surface, was analyzed by using fluorescein isothiocyanate-conjugated WGA on flow(More)
We have examined the time course of the neuronal death and regeneration of rat axotomized hypoglossal nerve with various conditions of the nerve resection, and established a useful system to measure neurotrophic activities of bioactive substances. In this system, neuronal death can be evaluated by counting surviving neurons in the nucleus of hypoglossal(More)
The clinical efficacy of intratumoral (IT) OK-432 immunotherapy in advanced cancer patients was investigated. Furthermore, the infiltration of lymphocyte subsets into the tumor tissues after the IT administration of OK-432 was also immunohistologically examined in order to analyze the mechanism of action of OK-432 immunotherapy. Forty-four patients with(More)
Spleen cells (SC), splenic venous blood lymphocytes (SVL) and peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) from gastric and esophageal cancer patients were simultaneously tested for natural killer (NK) and nonspecific suppressor (Ts) cell activities. Furthermore, the influence of Ts activity on the augmentation of NK activity by a biological response modifier (BRM)(More)
The effects of chitin sheet interposition with and without brain gangliosides on the regeneration of hypoglossal nerve fibres was studied in the rat following resection of a 5mm length of the nerve. At 10 weeks after operation, the number of horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-labelled motor neurones, indicative of the axonal repair process, on the side treated(More)
The effects of OK432, a streptococcal preparation, administered either orally (PO-OK432) or intratumorally (IT-OK432) on the immuno-reactivities of regional lymph nodes were investigated in gastric cancer patients. Although native lymph node lymphocytes (LNL) from untreated patients did not show any cytotoxicities against K562 and Raji cells, enhanced(More)
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